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I serioulsy thought alot about doung this cause I wanted some of my faves in it but I have so many I had to pick my top 4. thanks to @kpopandkimchi for the tag
1.) MAIN RAPPER Of course my all time Bias Jackson He has talent, looks, and personality he'd fit right into any group
2.) MAIN VOCAL my girl Park Bom ai just love her attitude and voice She can make any song sound amazing
3.) LEAD VOCAL/ LEADER Nam Taehyun.. His abilty to write awesome music would also be why I'd make him LEADER too.. Plus looking at that smile wouldn't hurt either.
4.) LEAD RAPPER Kim Yuna she's fairly new but I love her voice and I think it would compliment Jackson's really well..
in my group the boys would be in charge of aegyo
the girls would be in charge of being tough and crazy
I really wanted to make a coed group since it hasn't really been done before.. plus it doesn't hurt that 3 out of the 4 speak fluent english. thats a bonus for us international fans