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Alright. So, love @kpopandkimchi tagged me and I've given this some thought. Probably too much thought because I'm thinking about this group from like a debut point of view but, help me. Bear with me. I've gone over the top. I even went through the process of considering subunits... I have issues.

Member One

Moon Byuli, Moonbyul, of Mamamoo. I like this pretty lady's voice, okay? I'm not entirely into Mamamoo but I see good things in their future. The girls have talent and their style is my taste, but yeah. I intend to get more into the group eventually. She'd be apart of the rap-line and would be in charge of that classy sexy appeal. She'll be lovely in a photo shoot with these next two members, like the pinstripe suit, jazzy kind of shoot. You'll see why.

Member Two.

Amber Josephine Liu of f(x). She's adorable, okay? I adore her, her personality and her creativity. Not to mention, her voice makes me smile and gives me goosebumps. This group has yet to really get out of hand, but you'll see soon. She'd be one of the members that doubles for both vocals and rap. What would she be in charge of? Good question. I don't know. Just being her is fine with me.

Member Three.

Luna of f(x). Help me. I'm forever forgetting this child's name. I randomly remember it and forget it when I need it most, like now. Anyway, her voice can give me goosebumps and she's gorgeous to boot. The girl is fly, okay? And she's a part of the vocal line, of course. Now, imagine what I said: Moonbyul, Amber, and Luna doing a classy sexy photoshoot together. Or just any photoshoot in general together. Now, for the boys.

Member Four.

Kang Daesung of Big Bang. If you read my first date card starring this looker right here, you'd know how he makes me feel. He's gifted and adorable, okay? Another member of the vocal line, he would be a part of a subunit with one or all of the other boys. You'll probably understand once you see who they are, particularly the next one.

Member Five.

Jung Taekwoon, Leo, of VIXX. He makes me happy, too, okay? Beautiful Liar gives me goosebumps almost every time I listen to it. His voice is worth drooling over, especially those high notes. I considered what it would be like to have his soft, soothing voice with Daesung's more low and raspy one. They would be the grown and sexy sub-unit. Think of those slow love-making kind of ballads, like 2PM's A.D.T.O.Y. or something like Beautiful Liar. YES. OKAY? YES.

Member Six.

This freaking gorgeous cutie can rap on the slow tracks and bring heat to the quick ones. His voice fits a lot of styles. He's got talent. Yes, he does. I want him. I mean, in the group. Must be professional about this... He'd be in a sub-unit with the next and last member.

Member Seven.

Hello, baby. This Thai gentleman is coming into his own more and more and really seems to be finding himself. I have to watch more Got7 stuff since I'm behind, but you can see the change just by looking at him. He's still that cute kid next door, but as in that kid that you used to baby sit and you grew up with until he started to become more of a man and you lost sight of that line between "let's stay friends" and "I want you so badly." What the...That's irrelevant to this, but yeah. His voice is unique and a rap sub-unit with Junhong would be lovely.

In Conclusion...

...I'm pretty sure I've just created my own label and set up a female group and a boy group instead of one group. Help me. I feel like I could mix and match all these individuals into different subunits... Anyway, as one group, I kind of want to designate Amber as a leader but then I want to designate Leo... You can have more than one leader though, so yeah. The genre of music would be something more of what VIXX does, I guess, and how their sound ranges. My favorite album by them is definite Voodoo Doll, so I'd want their sound to be something like that and the various tracks on there. I have no idea who to tag. I shouldn't have do this because I'm stupid and this is probably a bad collaboration idea but yeah. *cries at myself*
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so i was going to be like AWWW YEAH mamamoo+ luna + amber would be so awesome and then you added daesung and then JUNG TAEKWOON FROM VIXX and thats when i sort of lost my mind and then you had to tack ZELO on too!??!?!? I AM FREAKING OUT THSI IS GREAT.
@kpopandkimchi I'm glad you like it. XD I still feel like I created two separate groups but, regardless, collaborations between them would be nice, too. x3
okay let me catch my breath holy crap