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I can't remember if I've ever mentioned it before, but I would like to go on record and declare that my MOST FAVORITE part of weddings, is cocktail hour! There's such an electric vibe at this point in the wedding because the vows have been recited, rings exchanged and the party is on a virtual up-swing.
For cocktail hour to be outstanding, you've got to have a few components in place and they HAVE TO BE DONE RIGHT!
Don't use your wedding day as a platform to showcase just how awful you can be at 'winging it' to get through the wedding. Not cool. Especially when you consider that your wedding is the reason your guests are down to only 51 weekends in a year.
Having a schedule keeps things moving. It also means that there is a reason for everything and the rhythm of the evening is positive, uplifting and exciting!
TIP: No one should be looking at their phone because they're bored or wondering what's next.
Real booze.
I know I am going to get some dirty looks on this one. But truth be told, you cannot have an "awesome" reception without alcohol. It's just not possible. What could possibly be epic about a dry wedding? Nothing comes to mind.
Real booze, to me, means you have spirited beverages BEYOND the standard beer and champagne. You also need to have basics like gin, vodka and scotch on hand. And yes, it will cost money. It absolutely will. But you can use your money wiser by partnering with a professional bar to provide all this for you.
Yeah, you need to have food when you're drinking. Think outside the box when it comes to passed hors d'oeuvres too. Great ideas in this arena abound! You could hire a food truck. And these days, you can find ANYTHING served from a truck. You could hire a local tapas bar to cater. You could save money by allowing your dinner caterer to also cater the cocktail hour.
Point is, serve finger foods that open up the palette. Foods that meld with alcohol. Things like carbs and spicy flavor profiles.
TIP: NEVER make your guests wait for food during cocktail hour! As soon as the first guest walks into the room, there should be staff passing hors d'oeuvres or a scattered buffet of light food items.
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