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I was going to share this two days ago since it was National Dog Day! However, I decided not to because there were just way too many cute (and not so cute) dogs taking over social media! It was a little nuts actually. I didn't want this card to get lost in the fray so I held off until today.
The question, really, is whether you'd be okay with having your dog at the wedding? It's kind of a thing more and more. You see pictures of dogs at weddings on all the wedding sites, plus places like Tumblr and Pinterest. I think , as long as your four-legged friends ARE WELL BEHAVED and don't mind wearing pooch-friendly clothing, like this faux tuxedo and bow tie, then I say YES!
The trick is to have a well behaved and obedient dog. One that doesn't bark or yip. One that sits and stands, comes and goes when told. One that isn't going to attach children too!
Our dog Bowser was the ring bearer at our wedding - he had a little tux and everything! Of course, he is very well behaved, and a friend escorted him down the aisle and then to a room away from the main ceremony space.
That's so awesome! I bet the guests' hearts melted when they saw Bowser in his wedding tux coming down the aisle. So cool @DaniVO