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Maybe you've seen this. Maybe you haven't.
Today I wanted to share with you a clever, easy and low-cost idea to boost your eats at the dessert sweet table for your wedding. In particular, this is the type of last minute do-it-yourself projects that I like because it's that easy to do and pull off. Plus, who doesn't love the taste of sweet doughy marshmallows?!
While you can find recipes all day long online, the bottom line here is this:
Large marshmallows
Cake pop sticks
Candy melts
Toppings (crushed)
Poke the marshmallows.
Dip in melted candy melts.
Decorate with crushed toppings.
Throw on a table and you're done!
Not only will these taste great, but they will look stunning, all lined up on your sweet table. These will also take up room to make your low-budget sweet table look bigger and better than it really is. Now go out there and do this!
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these look so yummy
Screw weddings. These were destined to go in my belly.
want some in my tummy
Don't they?! I want some now @KasandraV16