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Kpop Collaboration Challenge

I have been tagged by @Kpopandkimchi and I totally accept this challenge, and have decided to make mine a trio. I will have one in charge of Swag, one of Aegyo, and one of Sexiness. :3 This will be the best collaboration group of the century.
1. Amber Liu A.K.A Llama of F(x) Amber would write mostly all the songs and would be in charge of the swag factor.
2. Choi Min-Ki A.K.A Ren of NU'EST He would come up with the style of the group, and he would be in charge of the Aegyo factor.
3. Junghan of SEVENTEEN He would help with the dances and lyrics. He would be in charge of the sexy factor.
So this would be my trio group. If I had to choose a name, it would be "Lady Men". Here are the reasons why I chose this name. 1. There is one "Lady" and two "Men". 2. The girl looks like a guy and the two guys look like girls. (Ren looked more like a girl with his long hair though)
So this is my trio collaboration group. :) Hope they get a lot of love and good support. But dude, if they would actually come together for a collaboration, I would die of too much fangirling. xD
xD you're welcome @kpopandkimchi
Here ya go @Kpopandkimchi
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