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My best friend is having her first baby and I'm in charge of making party favors for the guests. I'm not rich so I found a fun and reasonable way to make cute parry favors.
I found this company that making great favors. Their products range from expensive to really cheap. Plus you get to personalize some if you want. I can across these cute jars that included a personalized sticker. You can find these on Nice Price Favors website.
So....I have these cute jars what can I put inside besides candy..... I decided to make cute scented foot soaks. These are fun to make and very healthy. I made one batch on grapefruit and one batch of strawberry scented foot soaks. Foot soaks are great to relieve foot oders and soothe sore tired feet.


This is a baking soda base foot soak and it's simple to make. I used baking soda, Epsom salt, pink Himalayan salt, and scented essential oil I made natural products so the pink sea salt would give this foot soak a soft pink color and this color is her main theme color. Food dye or food coloring was not an option sense it's not natural and have some negative side effects.
You don't have to make foot soaks for just gifts but you can make them for yourself at home. I hope you enjoy this recipe.
These are cute, i bet the guests loved them! :) Congrats to your friend
This is a really awesome idea! 😄
thanks @allischaaff yes they loved them 😄