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My next door neighbor has this amazingly intelligent - sweetheart of a dog named "Pirate".
He's got such a funny personality. It got me thinking about portrait photos. I know how to get a human being - or a cat for that matter (I live with four cats) - to show character or pose in a way that their character/personality becomes more evident - but what about dogs?
I approached shooting photos of Pirate the same way I would my cats - I just let him get settled into his normal routine of sniffing everything in my yard - while I was talking to his owner - I am blessed with great neighbors... so his owner and I talk regularly.
Before long he had forgotten about me and the massive camera lens attached to my camera - all of these shots were made with my 300mm f/2.8 - hand-held... and he went about his routine and I started snapping photos.
Pirate is getting up there in age - he's a senior citizen in dog years actually - but he's still very sharp - he doesn't miss anything - from the cats in the windows in my house (whose driveway he was romping around in) to birds that flew by overhead - his ears are always up and his eyes are bright.
The 300mm f/2.8 is really a lot of lens to shoot with hand-held - but for short periods of time it really does a marvelous job.
And Pirate was a perfect gentleman when it came to standing still and letting me grab photos of him.
that's good neighbor :) our dog barks at whatever moves lol
He's a great dog. My neighbors get tense because like most places in California - our houses are on top of one-another and our yards - that's a joke - my driveway takes up more square footage than my "yard" does. So I guess they are nervous when he gets to barking or when he runs into other people's yards. I don't mind at all. Actually - he's very particular about what he barks at. He doesn't bark at other animals. He only barks at people if they come in his yard (or mine), So I really love him - he's the pre-door bell to my door bell. And I know that if he's barking someone is walking in my yard or theirs. It's really great. Pirate is welcome in my yard - any time he wants.
beautiful dog