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Okay, everyone, just stop, right now!

Hand painted cake.

I'm done.

I'm not even in a position to gag over this because by body is shaking, chills are running down my spine and my heart is in suspended motion. Let me first, catch my breath, press pause, have a moment, say a prayer, and then I can gag gag gag gag....
I don't really know where to begin. Designed by Cake Inc, in Australia (big surprise there since Down Under keeps pumping out more and more talent!) Let's see what is giving me life about this masterpiece:
Tiers. You know I live for my two and three-tier wedding cakes.
Gold and beaded scallops. Gold. Saw it first. Loved it. Those delicate beads in the tips...I'm done!
Pink. And not your everyday pink either. It's that perfect Golden Girls kind of pink hue that I love.
White. Did you not see that top tier in white rolled fondant? Scroll up and look again. Again!
Hand painted. Birds. On branches. With flowers. One's perched. Another's landing. Breathe....
I just want to challenge ALL THE MILLIONS OF VINGLERS OUT THERE to find me a cake better than this. Hashtag Ibetchacant.