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So there's been ALOT of talk about GD and Kiko's breakup and here is my viewpoint on the subject. WARNING: May be offensive... Why would you be happy if the person your supposed to care about is hurting? LOOK AT HIS FACE!! You're supposed to support him and encourage him to be strong. If you really cared, we wouldn't be having this conversation.
You can't dictate who he does and doesn't love. Heck, he hasn't met over 98% of us. Why wouldn't we return the favor of someone who's given us so much happiness, by just simply being supportive no matter what his decisions are. You can't help who you love...But you can help the ones you love. What if GD doesn't come out of this because SOME people keep telling them how happy they are that he's broken hearted...He could be the end of Bigbang. Why keep us happy when we can't even look past our own selfishness? Some of us really don't deserve GD anyways!!! Just please, if you care stop being selfish and shower him with your VIP love and support. Think about it...
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i quit reading each negative post as soon as it said something mean. we are meant to be the support system for our idols not the ones that tear them down. i feel like if GD would have taken a look at our community the past couple days he would have been very dissappointed...
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gd oppa I reaally wanna hug you it really hurts me to see you so down and sad :(
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and honestly I really thought I was the only one but your card is like the light you know I can't be happy or celebrate on relationships break ups too it doesn't matter how much I love them I really end up being hurt broken nd sad too I don't get y fans wd be so selfish to celebrate something like that thgh I just wish GD oppa TO FEEL BTRR
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