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Today's community anime recommendation is Kids on the Slope.
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Kids on the Slope (Sakamichi no Apollon)

Manga written by: Yuki Kodama
Anime directed by: Shinichirō Watanabe
Number of episodes: 12
Summary (from Wikipedia):
The beginning of summer, 1966; because of his father's job situation, freshman high school student Kaoru Nishimi moves by himself from Yokosuka to Sasebo in Kyushu to live with relatives. Until then, Kaoru was an honor roll student who tended to keep to himself, but meeting notorious "bad boy" Sentaro Kawabuchi starts to change him. Through his devil-may-care classmate, Kaoru learns how much fun it is to play jazz and finds the first person he can call a real friend.
For those of you who've watched it or are watching it, do you like Kids on the Slope? Make sure to mention why or why not! ^_^
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@poojas not sad really, I just wished they had given us more closure at the end XD
Where can I go to watch it? I checked kiss anime but the sites closed down till they find a new server ;~;
@camidoll Crunchyroll or gogoanime.tv should have it. Let me know if you find it there! :) @paulisaverage Cool. This has been getting a lot of positive comments. Definitely on my must watch list. ^^
Really loved this anime. This one and another anime called Beck inspired me to keep making music