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A lot of things have changed for me over the past three years, but one thing that has remained the same is that I spent a lot of time staring at my computer screen: writing papers, reading articles, working. I've always had a screen in front of me.
So, I've found that changing my laptop / work station set up is a great way to feel refreshed and to get back into it with a new attitude!!
Here some things I like to change when I'm feeling unproductive to see if it'll give me the bit of a boost that I need :)

Change Your Background

When you see the same desktop background all the time, you can really start to feel the monotony of constant computer work. Change your background to change things up a bit!
I like to put a few images on rotation so that I might be surprised or not see the image I'm expected when visiting my desktop--it helps keep my brain more interested in what's going on.
Personally, I like to use backgrounds I find on the subreddit Imaginary Mindscapes like these ones--they really make me feel more motivated and creative, just by staring at them for a few minutes every day.

Get Something New!

Everyone uses different laptop accessories, but try getting an upgraded version of something you use everyday.
For me, I use my headphones all the time to listen to music, so upgrading my headphones or just getting a new pair always feels like a treat! I also use a mouse when I'm working on a bigger project, so something as simple as putting new batters in it so it works better really helps me feel more productive.
Or, just buy a cute little stuffed animal friend to sit next to your work space. It'll add a nice chance of scenery!

Stop Straining Your Eyes!

If you're supposed to wear glasses when you use the computer, use them! Seriously. You might not notice the difference, but the muscles in your eyes won't have to work as hard and you'll feel less tired throughout the day. I need to follow my own advice on this one.
Also, try putting a blue light filter on your laptop! Filtering some of the blue light out (by lowering the color temperature) will actually help you sleep at night just by looking at less blue light in the hours before you go to bed, so you'll feel more refreshed each day since you'll be getting better sleep!
I recommend using F.lux to do this! If you're on windows, pair it with Dimmer to dim your screen to help not strain your eyes during the day. For Mac (i haven't tried it!), I heard that Shades works pretty well as a screen dimmer to pair with a light color filter.
Let your eyes relax!!
these are good tips
@buddyesd thank you thank you!