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Don't you just love this rosegold bridal gown? It's from Watters W Too and sold as separates: Carina (top) and Ahsan (skirt). What captured my attention was the fun and frivolity that was captured in the photo. That's why I am always urging brides to really consider all the fun ways to celebrate the wedding and the dress... Imagine the fabulous pictures you could get in your gown on a swing like this.
You need a GOOD PHOTOGRAPHER, a STYLIST and a STUNNING DRESS to make this work.
This is another view standing. One of the benefits of getting a Watters dress is that they're ALL made to order. You can mix and match tops and skirts, bands and other accessories. And if that wasn't enough, you can also get any of the pieces you're looking at in another color of your choosing.
I love this dress but I am not this skinny so I don't known if it will look good on my body shape but would wanna try it out for sure
I'm not so sure that body type would be such a problem with this because the sweetheart neckline is so flattering. I always say, don't worry about what you think would look good or bad---try it on and know if it looks good or bad. @sherrysahar