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Hello fellow VIPS I'm so happy to invite you to the grand wedding of Kwon Ji-Young and Jessamine. This will be FANTASTIC BABY!
Fiancee GD...G-Dragon....Ji-Young He is the leader of Big Bang. He is known for his gift of music, his charm, and great looks. I love his swag and style. He has great leadership qualities and I would do great with a guy who can handle my boss mentality. We would be a great power couple. I would comfortable with being by his side and support him.
This is a picture of the lovely couple. I know I used this before, but I love this pic.
Proposal I imagine he would propose to me when we are having a romantic dinner at our place. We would cook together. I know I would do most the cooking since he has admitted that he doesn't know that much about cooking. BUT that's fine I got you boo ♡♡
This is what I would walk down the aisle in then I would switch into the second dress, so I can get low and dance with my boo! The picture of the suit is what I know my groom would look sexy in.
Setup..... Some ideas. I want the colors to be blush and gold, Champagne. I want lots of flowers and a feminine feel.
Honeymoon...something sexy for grown ppl lol
Part 2 BABY MACHINE I JUST FOUND RANDOM PICTURES OF CUTE HALF ASIAN BABIES! Cute babies! Maybe our babies may turn out to be famous like their dad and other famous biracial babies.
GD approves lol..... DANG I WISH.....AH IN MY DREAMS!
Awesome haha! I love the set up, the colors are beautiful!
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thanks @KpopGaby
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Well KwonJi is my Future Fantasy Son In Law... @midnighter12
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