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I get a Chick-Fil-A iced coffee about once a week. If you live in the USA and are not yet familiar with Chick-Fil-A - it is a "Chicken Only" fast food chain born in Atlanta, GA - and over the past 40 years has become a staple of any Southerner's diet. I tell new converts to the ridiculously addictive taste of Chick-Fil-A chicken sandwiches that they are one of the "Four Main Food Groups of a Southerner." But trust me, Fafoutis isn't licking his chops thinking about chicken. He's eyeballing my coffee.
I'm sitting on my couch - fiddling with my camera because I've drank almost all of the coffee - I can't imagine coffee is good for a cat. And I wait for him to think I'm not paying attention.
And slowly he moves in for the kill.
These photos are not staged. That is my black Maine Coon - getting ready to suck down some coffee. I swear all of my cats are odd, strange, and more human-acting than feline.
Of course there's nothing left in the cup. So he gets frustrated and runs off.
He takes the straw with him... and for good measure comes back when I'm not looking and takes the unopened straw and shreds it open and makes a mess. Perhaps its because he didn't get his coffee fix. He's grumpy that way.
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Never heard of chick-fil-A, one more place to visit on my USA-must bucket list. This is also the first I've seen a black Maine coon, what a beautiful cat! I think the cat is attracted to the sweet and milky taste of coffee, not coffee itself. Coffee smells like cat piss to them, my cat always tries to bury my cuppa everytime I make fresh coffee :/
this so so cute.
@Animaniafreak Chick-fil-A has branched out throughout the US the past decade. I live in the Los Angeles area and there are now 2 within 20 minutes of my home. It is the best chicken sandwich in my opinion. As for my cat, I agree... it's the milk in the coffee probably, scientific research says that cats don't have sweet taste buds. @rodiziketan - thank you! he's a beautiful and ultra sweet boy.
I didn't even know that Chik-Fil-A made iced coffee. I need to try it sometime!
@JonPatrickHyde oh my goodness what a strange quirk for a cat! I had one who for many years always stole my oatmeal. It was very peculiar. Since you said they don't have the taste buds for sweet things I have no idea what he could have been interested in! The texture maybe? All I put in it was a little bit of sugar or maple syrup, no cream or anything.