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so I saw a challenge having something to do with your bias (biases) and your iPod. I haven't been able to find it again but I interpreted the bits of the instructions that I do remember. so here it goes....No cheating! if you just have one bias (if that's possible) you don't have to write it down. 1. write a list of your biases 2. hit the shuffle button on your ipod the first song that plays is how you feel or describes your relationship (or what you wish was a relationship) with the first bias you wrote down. do this for each bias on your list. Here's mine!
1.Bias: Jin!!!!! song: Xia - Flower How I feel it relates: just like this song is calling out for someone to help him, when I'm having a rough day all I need to do is see Jins smile and I feel better. It's like water during a drought....crazy....I know.
2. Bias: Niel song: BTS- war of the hormones How I feel it relates: I think the GIF says it all for the song relationship. It's those darn beautiful lips! Wae!!!
Bias: JB song: Hotshot - Take a shot How I feel it relates: Even when in his group of very cute, very talented gotten members, JB just stands out to me. to quote Hotshot : he's "the man" !!
Bias: Lee Hong Ki song: AOA- Heart attack How I feel it relates: No matter if It's in a mv, live on v app, or in a drama every time I see him my heart starts to race animal reminded of my Love for him all over again.
Bias: GD song: BTS- I need U How I feel it relates: I have so many feels for GD but he's so far out of reach. it makes it so hard to Love him but at the same time you can't help it! He's just so loveable!! I need u GD
what songs did your biases get? how did you feel the song related to your bias relationship? feel free to tag me in your bias shuffle I'm curious to see what everyone comes up with