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Okay, what?! What planets aligned to allow this to happen...?
I am confused. Mostly because this was something I never knew I wanted to happen? Phoebe and Taytay joining together to sing Smelly Cat for us Friends lovers. Okay, I can dig it! Sorry the video is so shaking but I couldn't find anything else!

Strangely rewarding as this is, nothing can beat the original!!

Which version do you like better?
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@missophiestik Right?! It's crazy!! @rodiziketan HAH!! Were they at least happy tears....? @danidee she's definitely got so many connectionsss
That's my new goal. To have as many friends as Taylor Swift.
Annnnd she's still at it lol
This time with Avril Lavigne though??
of course, happy tears :) I love Lisa Kudrow :)