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Omo!! These recent weeks have been packed with amazazing releases.....sewwww I figured I'd make a playlist highlighting my favorites. I'm about to go to bed and after putting this together...I may be up for awhile longer getting turnt in my jimmyjams with my dog....because that's my swag.
BASICK FT MAMAMOO__STAND UP Had this on repeat for my 2 hour drive to town today.....didn't get tired of it. Yeah it sounds like Macklemore's Can't Hold Us....BUT BETTER (´ヮ`)(´ヮ`) ITS SO FLIPPING GOOOOOOOD!!! I may be having the tiniest love affair with Basick.....and he has no idea. Lets keep it that way lol. Side note..... if you haven't seen the live version....I included it on slide 2...he KILLED IT.
DOK2 FT MICRODOT__GOAL KEEPER THIS IS HOTTTTTT. Uggghh TOADal friggin jam....I'm all bouddit. Microdot suh-layyyyysss.
B-FREE FT PLAY$TAR & SWAY D__KAWASAKI Its not a track for errybody.....but I, on the other right hand, am still stuck on this song.....it's an addiction. I think I may be stuck on Play$tar which blows because he does like ONE feature a year.....like come onnnnnnnnn.
HYORIN X ZICO X PALOALTO__DARK PANDA OBSESSED..... @MattK95 I know Hyorin is YOUR bae but I'm crushing on her as of late....sorry I'm not sorry (´ヮ`)
JOOYOUNG FT MAD CLOWN & WHALE__DOWNTOWN LOVE Jooyoung and his honey butter voice....he could sing What Does The Fox Say and it'd be the most beautiful song I've ever heard. It took me a minute to get used to Mad Clown's verse at the end....it's kind of random to have it at the end but you know what? Its fckin MAD CLOWN. He do what he do and I like.
@danidee Lend me your ears.....(´ヮ`) have you hearded this yet??
JACKOP, WUNO, RAINA & DAYDAY__ALL DAY ALL NIGHT Funky beat....catchy hook. And WUNOOOOO.....the boy is a TOADal babe. Once again....@MattK95 thank you for introducing me to his awesomeness 。^‿^。
CHEETAH__CATHARSIS QUEEN!! Not the title track but OMG this beat....the Lana Del Ray sample. SHAKE YOUR BISCUITS LIKE THEY'RE ON FIRE.
NOP. K FT DON MILLS__QUEEN COBRA Are you hearing this??? If you are.....your hips should be telling no lies. Its a jam. And yeah, I'm aware homeboy looks like J. Hope lol.
Yasssss soooooo imma brush my teef n warsh my face while dancing like PeeWee......on the inside (´ヮ`) Night night, homies.
@Marilovexoxo uuuggh same here!! I was singing it yesterday and my sis was like WTF so I let her listen to it and now she's obsessed lol..Flipping Sway D's hook (´ヮ`)(´ヮ`) and dancing like Okasian is a MUST when it's playing. @StephanieDuong They're new! Goal Keeper was just released yesterday and Downtown Love like 3 days ago. I try to keep y'all current on lesser known releases ┌(^ .^)┘ @poojas If anything happens to Siri....we'll be called in.... would you rat on Matty??
Dark panda, won and only and catharsis are my jams right now.
@Marilovexoxo I'll check him out! Thanks the recommendation! :)
@StephanieDuong you should seriously listen to okasian he is amazing and his no flex zone remix is perfection!
@PassTheSuga Thank you for introducing me to more artists! They really are ALL amazing! :D
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