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Lee Taemin is cute and adorable.He is a singer, dancer, and actor. He is also the maknae of the group.
It started when he call me on my phone, telling me to get ready we are going out tonight. Him: Are u dress already? Me: Yes. Where are we going? Him: I can't tell u it is a special surprise. I don't want to ruin the fun for you Me: Ok
Imagine me wearing this outfit that I pick out of my closet.
Him: You look so pretty. Me: Thank you. Can I take a hint of where we are going? Him: Go ahead Me: Is it somewhere fancy? Him: No Me: Is it somewhere expensive? Him: he laugh and said nope Me: Is it somewhere fun? Him: Yes Me: Is it the circus? Him: You ask too much questions, don't worry Me: Ok * blush happily*
We arrived at our destination. He open the door for me like a gentleman and hold my hand.
Him: We are here Me: Wow ! This place is amazing. I tugged on his arms, telling him to hurry up so we can go on the rides. Him: There is no need to rush we have plenty of time to go on every single ride. You look so cute when you are so happy. Me: Awww. Stop it. You are making me blush. We are having fun all night long, we went on so many rides. We are having the time of our lives. We found somewhere to sit down and look at the stars. Him: I got one more special surprise. Me: What is it? Him: Close your eyes Me: * smiling happily* closing my eyes
Him: A beautiful charm necklace to match with my love for you Me: It's so pretty. You are so sweet. Him: Let take a walk Me: He hold my hand and we walk back to the car. Him: He drive me home and told me goodnight and sweet dreams Me: Good night to you too. When is our next date? Him: Will next friday would work out for you? Me: * smiling happy* Yes I know i was late by making this but i hope u like my story. See ya.
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Only if this was real, oh well in my dreams!!