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so me and my sister decied to show my dad kpop mvs just for the fun of it......my dad doesnt really like kpop he just like the beat......but secretly i know he does cause everytime i put a mv on the tv he sits on the couch and gets all in to it
anyways these where his reactions......Ready?

Haru Haru - Big Bang

(His reaction to Haru Haru) So we explained what the song whas about and the music video....while he watch it my sister and i looked at him every minute hahaha and when it was over he said whiping his tears "you guys made me cry i like this song and video even though i had no idea what they were saying the video is so sad" and my sister and i where like we also cried dont worry

Lies - Big Bang

(His reaction to Lies) so this one we also explained it and hes like "i like its its nice its a good song/video" and my sister and i where like yay!! and im like" im showing fantasic" and my sister is like "no show him dope" and my dad like "no...no dope i seen that a million times already" and my sister is like "no you havent" and my dad like "yes its bts the one where the guy with the red hair throws the papers" (jimin)

Fantasic - RapMonster

(His reaction to Fantastic) so we ended showing him fantastic and he was like "look its rap monster" and was enjoying the song haha.......so after the song we explained how it was gonna be in the movie but it didnt happen and how they all went to see it with the fans because of that and so on and so forth......this was my dads replied "that sucks this so is really good maybe it could be on the dvd cause the song is good i really like it" so then we where like dad we are gonna show you more songs and hes like okay so my sister and i where debating on what song to show him next

Zutter - Big Bang

(His reaction to Zutter) we came to an argreement and so we decided to show him zutter......my dad started watching it and hes like "just cause im watching video dosent mean i like them they still look like girl" and we are like okay watever just watch....so while he was watching hes like "what the heack are you showing me" he closed his eyes when gd was on the toliet and when top was peeing on gd and he like "what the...is it over" and im like no keep watch and he like fine so he ended watching the video and hes like "what did you just show me and i was just starting to like them...im out" and he left outside and i told my sister "you see what you did....you scared him away" and she like "im sorry" hahah
thought all the videos that was me and my sister hahaha.....
anyways those were my dads reactions they werent bad they were alright pretty normal.......we where all jaming out to each song until zutter hahah
hope you enjoyed bye bye love you guys <3
My dad started dancing with BigBang Bae Bae and he never dances. And my dad also got mad or gross out with zutter!
my mom will do all her weird dances and look at the video before asking what the hell is wrong with me xD
XD I officially love your dad now!
great card, Thank you for sharing... it was very funny ㅋㅋㅋ
@CrystalBlunt she was making fun of him saying je was Michael Jackson
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