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I'm 21 tomorrow I'm a lady No where near asian Completely open minded Pervert to the max Dead ass broke Graduated 3 years ago Imma bitch I'm married I snort XD
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Will turn 18 in October Girl/Woman South Asian Open Minded Perverted? Recently turned into one after my friend showed me a smut that involved Kai. Can never buy kpop merchandise First year of college!!! Super Friendly! Jhope raised my expectations for guys. Secretly married to him, but he doesn't know it. I have all kinds of laughs
-I'm 15 -Yeah a girl -Not asian but told I look asian (Mexican) -Very open minded -Yeah... Ahaha I can tend to be some times... -Pretty much I have little to nothing of Merch -Yep I gotta if I wanna do the things I have to do -Always! But I might be a little awkward at first... -100% -Pretty much spot on with the laugh... Haha
-I'm 17 (turning 18 in December) -yes definitely female XD -nope, no where near Asian but I do wish I was -ya I like to consider myself open minded -ooooooh yessss ima pervert -ya I'm broke as hell -hmmmm ya I'm getting my GED -friendly.....at times...beware I bite XD -I'm engaged to a lovely Japanese man ^.^ (my dream came true!!) -I have a laugh like woody the wood pecker......don't judge....
...I'm all of the above. lol
•21 in October •female? yes •Not even close to Asian •very open minded •I'm a pervert and I'm proud lol 😂 •I'm a broke college student •I "study" lol all the time •friendly but very sarcastic •single and waiting for my bias to find me lol •I laugh like every retarded animal in the animal kingdom 😂😂😂