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so may of you read my first card here>> (http://www.vingle.net/posts/1007502?shsrc=v ) and know i moved well.....this week was not a real mess but the first day was......not horrible but not awesome it was ehhh ?
okay so on my first day my moms friend offred me a rided to school that was nice i got to meet her daughter and i didnt really become friends with her but we talk at times......anyways this was me through out the whole ride and school day even till today im like that and it weird im never like that (still like this in every class except in 4 classes now i didnt make friends the first day only one and i started like though out the week i only have about 5 friends)
so the new school and my old school runn thing really different so there scheduel is really wierd....i got lost the first day....i stayed half of a class period in a class i wasnt even in......so i was in the computer lab and the teacher took roll and she didnt call a couple of student including me so i was like ok my i misheard or somthing but the all the most of the students started leaving the class cause they werent in there so just to make sure i went and asked.....i told the teacher "im new to the school i dont know how this scheduel work and i have no idea where i need to be" and she explained but i had no idea what she said all i knew was that i was not gonna be in her class yet until half of the first semester and i need to be in choir
so i went to choir and the techer asked me what was my name and where i came from so i old him and he yelled it out to the class and the class yelled back saying hi to me......it was so embarassing he told me to sit in between these two girl and the one to my right greeted me and said hi im ale and i was like im steph and shes like do you know anyone here or are you like really new i explained to her so shes like oh well would like to sit with me during lunch i accepted.......wooo made a friend (this whole week i sat with her during lunch)
okay now the worst part the bus ughhhhh i hate the bus i hate the bus driver
so the bus diver to avoide traffic its always the last bus to come..........okay so whatever i guess i can deal with that......so the bus got here really late then finally i was gonna home right? wrong i was the last drop off in each house he was saying the same thing "does anyone get off here" every single house ughh i thought he was new so i was like fine okay he is a new bus driver i can deal with it....turns out he wasnt :(
then he stopped and told everyone does anyone want to get off cause i dont want to make the long turn and everyone just looked at him like really and hes like fine so he close the door and did his "long turn" i was like wooooooooowww
so then when i was getting home he had to stop in front of my house and a house that was 4 block away so he stopped at the other house then he kept driving and i was like i go here that my house and he was like you could have just gotten off with the other girl ughhh i wanted to slap him so bad
i got home so tired of everything of the stupid bus driver and how i got lost....mostly the bus driver......i asked my sister to pick me up when she dosent have school and when she has a day off lucky she understood and now helps me out
so my week didnt go that bad but the first day ughhhh
now about kpop people in the school so far i met about 3 one of the saw my jacket and was like you like bts i saw v and i knew that name anywhere then left and never talk to me again......(no we are not friends).....i made a friend that likes anime she knows what kpop is but perfers jpop.........made another friend she saw bts on my phone said you like kpop and i was like yeah and she like oh then made a face......so many people know kpop in this school they just are not fangirls only the one that like jpop
so yeah that was my first week in school hope you enjoyed bye bye love you guys <3 :[]
Awww well I'm glad you didn't have a HORRIBLE first day. My first day wasn't so great either and the teachers here gives out so much work. Plus At my school it's rare to find someone who likes Kpop. But I'll try to sing "I NEED YOU GIRL" out loud and whoever finishes it by saying "WAE" will be my new bestfriend >_<
You'll meet some new friends and introduce them to kpop. I find that shirtless taecyeon works the best.
My first day sucked too. However since it's my last year of school, I don't really care about making friends but it would be nice. I already had a friend who I knew 4 years ago, so I'm good. It funny because she was nervous to mention kdramas, and anime because she thought I would be scared away XD. This year my school is really big (like 4000 students). I want to try and meet new people but it looks like I won't. I wish I saw someone with Kpop merch. However I'm not that lucky. Hopefully your school life goes better then mine. From what I know you seem like an excellent girl. Whoever brushes you by is missing out. I wish you luck on this year of school :)
Awwww I hope next week will be better, FIGHTING!!
Don't worry, I'm sure you'll be fine 😊 also you have us ❤️❤️
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