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So I survived the first week of school.
This was me with the lunch schedule and stuff and when searching for my bus. I am supposed to go on another bus but I have been going on my friends bus because he leaves in the same neighborhood as me. And I finally got on my bus when it got here and nope not going back on that bus.
So I got a B.A.P hoodie during the summer and I wore it on the first day of school and I'm sorry but I love it and all but it's too hot to wear it right now. The hoodie is warm from the inside and there are some classes where it's cold and it was okay but then some other classes where just hot so I was dying but I didn't take it off. So I decided to wear it during the winter months. It gets cold enough here in Brownsville to use something like that.
And so far I like my classes but I don't like some of the people in them. For one I have a guy that nearly made me cry last year in two of my classes so I don't like him. And sadly I also have my ex in one of my classes. So that's awkward.
But some good things have happened. I found @StarBabes and our other friends. We also have made plans to enter in some clubs. But it's lonely without @B1A4BTS5ever. We miss her and @StarBabes concerts during lunch.
But that was my first week of school. It went okay and all.
*i and okay thats all i get okay hahah dude i heard a girl yell out ughhh fine and in my head i was like awww stephy cheey bread
awwww i miss you too o can jam out like i use to
My first day was meh