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They finally came in the mail and its so surreal never in a million years would I have thought that I would get to see the loves of my life. October needs to hurry up **Disclaimer**- I am not trying to brag whatsoever im just really excited because never in my life have I been to a concert because money has always been tight money is still tight now but I was blessed enough with a job and was able to get my tickets so im sorry for all the posts im just excited because I never imagined anything like this ever happening and I hope all of you guys can experience this one day as well**
people rubbing their bigbang tickets in my face!!! who do yall think you are??? jk. congratulations!!!! im really happy for you! ^^ take lots of awesome pictures!!
@VeronicaArtino @KarelyCanedo @kpopandkimchi @ButterflyBlu Thank you guys!♥ and dont worry I'll make sure I share everything with you guys♡♡
I'm SOOOOO excited for you!! I hope that you have an amazing time and you share your experience with us here!!!!
@TashaBitner Ion thanks and dont worry ill take lots of pics for you guys
@Tigerlily84 sucks you have no one to go with but im sure you'll meet a lot of people there
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