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Fairy Tail Episode 248 Review!


I just watched the new episode of Fairy Tail and I know there were a lot of people that read the manga that were excited to see this episode. I haven't read the manga but I fell in love with this show from the 1st episode and I'm still watching it! It is currently one of my favorite animes!
This was by far the saddest episode I have ever seen in this show and I could think of other sad episodes but this one was the saddest (next saddest in my opinion is Future Lucy's death). Showing the flashbacks of Lucy obtaining Aquarius's key from her mother after she died and Aquarius became Lucy's 1st real friend, 1st celestial spirit and only friend she had. I felt that they had a really strong bond and they seemed like mother and daughter to me. When the time came that Lucy had to choose to save everyone and lose Aquarius forever, it was heartbreaking to watch. Aquarius had always acted as if she didn't like Lucy but she did and even said that she will miss Lucy. But it was the only way to save everyone so Lucy broke Aquarius's gold key and summoned the Spirit King. After she summons the Spirit King and breaks the key, Aquarius disappears and Lucy cries and screams. I feel her pain I was crying so much at that part and when Aquarius was crying which made me cry even more. I'm starting to tear up just thinking about it! But overall I loved this episode and I already miss Aquarius because she was one of my favorite Celestial Spirits. Did anyone else watch the newest episode of Fairy Tail, did you cry too? Let me know!
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*sniffles* Can we cry together? *offers a virtual hug*
I read the manga but I think both triggered the feels...if not more.....*falls down the bed in a sobbing mess*
I died a little inside after watching this episode </3
oh my god, I feel your pain so hard. when this happened in the manga, I was legitmately heartbroken. I loved the relationship between Lucy and Aquarius so much.
I'd be able to discuss if I watched it but I don't :(
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