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Hi guuyssss! I haven't made a card on here in like forever! Sorry about that with school and all also my school club is starting soon. So I'm like not getting sleep at all and I know that's not good but no pain no gain. Recently , I finally got a laptop from my school so I've started watching dramas more. I just started watching Young Pali Thursday cause I was bored in class and I heard bae was playing as a main doctor again so I had to jump on board. Friday O started binge watching and now I'm on episode 5 and this octopus ahjussi is giving me life!
bae looking sexy drinking water lol
Like who isn't in love with this octopus ahjussi? like he is funny and adorbs. So far how do you guys like the show? I love it ! The camera work ,the settings and editing is beautiful and the actors are cool. Very action packed with sadness and a bit of comedy is what I live for in a medical drama lol not really but its a nice mixture for it to be a medical drama.
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@cindystran I feel if they didn't move the relationship q bit quicker then it wouldn't be any romance in the story because when it come to action packed dramas the love storyline tends to fall apart if they start dating around the last couple of episodes and people would complain that there is no point of the relationship/ love line . I seen it many of times in the comments of vingle dramas for example I remember you. ya get me?
@SashaLove I totally get you and it makes sense. After all, we're half way through the drama. LOL. It just feels unreal.
@cindystran I know right!? I don't want it to end yet 馃槴馃槴
@SashaLove Are you watching anything else besides Yong Pal?
@cindystran Yeah in watching an old drama called Warrior Baek Dong So and The King's Face