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Congrats! You got the small but powerful singer Taeil! He may look innocent but his age tells you other wise~ as the oldest one of Block B he's got more experience than you think~
You got the delicious cucumber Kyung! Always looking out for you and spoiling you with love~ He can't get enough of you~
Handsome boy Jaehyo! This dorky ulzzang will throw cheesy lines at you and will try to grab your attention haha
Woah! You got Zico~ the leader of Block B but when he's with you he gets protective of you. He'll attack you with surprise kisses that leave you blushing~
Sexy dancer B-Bomb! He's usually serious but only because he wants no other guys to get near you so he'll look intimidating however when you guys are alone he'll relax and show you his dimple smile~ He wants you for himself only~ he doesn't like to share you with anyone else~
This cutie patootie is your lover! The maknae of Block B P.O who is fluffy and his personality is just adorbs~ He will never leave you bored and will take you out to various places on your dates~ he has so much energy~
Guess what angel is your lover? Ukwon! His smile is just mesmerizing~ He loves to stare at your beautiful face and makes sure to always to tell you he loves you~
AND THAT'S A WRAP! Thank you everyone who participated in this! This was fun for me and hopefully it was fun for you! :) Stay tuned! I will be making mini dating stories of each member!
Yasssssss i got U.Kwon 馃槏馃槏馃槏馃槏
Lol I got ukwon...I luv them all equally so it's all good...but still ukwon...
I didn't get P.O baby But Kyung is okay XD
Yes I got Zico!!!!!! He is my bias (well him and P.O.) so I am so happy
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