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I wouldn't say it was a horrible week but I've had better.
What I did not like is how this year out of all, they had to change the entire schedule and it's confusing! But this is what I despise more than anything...
I mean it, like everywhere I walked to, they were basically multiplying! We have this section in the main building called the "Commons" where we can just stay there and chill. I kid you not, I walk in school and it's loaded! I've never seen the Commons so filled with people! My friends kept losing me throughout the whole week!
This was me the whole entire week. My Health Science teacher from last year got kicked out so we now have an 8th month pregnant teacher and let me tell you she's like sooo boring. I sit right in the front and I can't help but fall asleep. Actually in all of my classes I sit on the front but now since the school is being repaired, every single class and hallway is probably colder than Antarctica. My room has to be cold in order for me to sleep.
Note: I haven't had my K-Pop does so I'm now taking advantage of the weekend despite that I have a crap load of papers to work on!
Even if my AP classes are becoming stressful and after finding out my GPA and rank, omfg, I won't have anymore "chill" time TT_TT
But I have my squad and we're gonna suffer together even if some aren't in AP like me, it's gonna be a hectic year.
But I'm proud to say that I'm a Gander :) and yes this is my school. (there's a cemetery in the front which is not scary at all)
Once a Gander, Always A Gander!

Here are 2 of our lip dubs, where you'll be able to see the inside and outside of the school. I didn't participate on the first one and I did on the second one but I was somewhere in there hiding >.<

There's a mobile version but it doesn't have good quality.
In this lip dub, there's people adults that graduated from different years. There was some near me that were graduates of '65 :O but it was an amazing experience!
OH! And the woman with the afro and had a tutu and was carried by a football player, is my AVID teacher! She's amazing.
Girlllll my first week was alright.... all I can say is....its about to be a long year for me 馃槱
ha-ha me too XD @KpopGaby
@solodaywithB1A4 Yeah haha!! I literally LOLed
@KpopGaby thanks
hahaha Lol Omg CL really Cx @KpopGaby
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