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Hey Vingle Fam! So I've been seeing this challenge going around and realized . . . . . I never did mines!! -shock- So without further ado I present my KPOP date . . .the one, and only TOP!!! TOP is my ultimate bias and I would date him in a heartbeat! So moving on to my date! -fan girl squeal-
It's the middle of the day as I rise slowly out of my bed. Scratching my head with one hand and wiping the crust from my eyes. I suddenly hear the sound of my phone ringing in a different tone than I'm used to. "Skype?" I questioned as I reach for it. I looked at the incoming call and instantly woke up. It was Choi (TOP)! I quickly answered the phone flipping my hair hurriedly out of my face and press the video button as I answered it. "Hey Choi!" I slightly croaked. I cursed myself inwardly clearing my dry ill used throat. "What's up?" I said clearly. He raised his brow looking at me before speaking. "Did you get my present?" I blinked a couple of times confused. "What present?" He smiled slyly and shook his head. "You're helpless." He chuckled. "Go get your present, I left it at the front door this morning. Be ready by 3 o'clock. Bye for now." "Choi WA-" Before I could finished my sentence he hung up the call. Blinking away in disbelief I checked the time . . .it was 1:34pm . . .SHOOT!!
I quickly jumped out of bed and ran to my front door. I swing it open after battling my nerves with my jumbo set of keys to find a big box with a bow. I admired it for a bit smiling gently before bringing it in and opening it. Inside was a beautiful blue dress, shades, purse, and matching shoes. I couldn't help but squeal and jump around a bit. After that small moment of joy I snapped realizing I have to get ready. I hurriedly showered dressed and put on some light make up before hearing the doorbell.
Content with how I looked I quickly walked to the door. I could never really run in heels and some day would have to fix that if possible. I opened the door and he took one look at me, smiled and sheepishly looked away briefly before clearly his throat. "You look good" he said looking at me again. I blushed as I bit my lip holding back a girlish smile. He then held out his hand. "Shall we go?" Taking his hand I stared at him puzzled. "Where are we going?" I said as he led me to the car. "You'll see. . ." We got in and he drove off.
He took me to several different art galleries and showed me different pieces of abstract furniture and art sculptures. The whole time I was in awe at the beauty and structure at such things. The human mind has no limit to its imagination and I believe Choi thought the same. After hours of looking around the city for different art views he brought me to a classy high rise restaurant.
Walking in the waiter immediately lead us outside to the most gorgeous view I've ever seen in my life. I stared at Choi and he only smiled before leading me to my seat. The waiter eventually took our orders and recommend a delicious wine for the both of us to try. We agreed to try it and then began talking about small things before our food arrived.
Choi took our glasses and poured the wine before handing me a glass. He raised it up slightly and looked at me. "Here's a toast. . .to a beautiful night, with a beautiful lady." I blushed scarlet red to that comment "May tonight's date hopefully lead to another" he said before touching my glass with his own. I giggled slightly saying "cheers". We sipped our wine and continued eating and chatting through the night.
As the night went on it was soon time to go home. He walked me to the door taking my hands into his. "Until next time" He said kissing the back of both my hands, one after the other looking straight at me. "Sleep well princess" I gave him a big hug before watching him walk back to his car. As I watched him leave I waved saying to the wind. "Good night my prince"
Sooooo . . . . . "You liiiiiiiiiiiiiike?" XD lol this was my imaginary date with TOP! Hoped you guys liked it, I know it was a little long but thanks for reading it anyway! (theses imagines are not mine I do not own them) @ErinGregory @kpopandkimichi @PassTheSuga @amazingangelini @allischaaff @JessicaChaney @danidee @B2utyrisa @AmandaHume @VixenViVi @jordanhamilton @IzzyPanda @KpopGaby @poojas
Awwww @PassTheSuga, we can always work together on it! I could totally write up a story for you bias ^w^ @VeronicaArtino omg that would have been amazing! A double date is something I've always wanted to try! @IzzyPanda THANKS PANDA! @jordanhamilton I would actually wear that to church or a real date! I love blue!
Izzy approves of this date and thinks they should have another one XD
Thanks @B2utyrisa! took me a hole to think that
loveeee the outfit choice!!! :) great card.
omg seems so legit! it sounds so nice馃槃
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