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Don't ask me how these things happen... my brain gets tired, people. The minion sucks it right out of you. No, seriously, the kid's school year starts on the 1st. I have had a lot of work to do. I just FORGOT!!!
That was the challenge. Kpop Community knows it well. 'Tis infamous. I even harassed @nerukawong into participating.
And promptly forgot.
Until a friend asks, "who did you get shipped with?"
Ummmmm... what?
OHHH, day-ummm. That's right.
So without further ado...
And no, I'm not even going to skew the opinions. If y'all don't know my bias by now, someone wasn't paying attention. LOL! So :P Besides. I'm actually curious...
and a little scared!
(*Some of these aren't the best quality because they are from my phone.)
So, what we have heeere:
-The oldest one, with my son, purple!
-Not a lot of photos with makeup these days, so I threw this one in for that reason.
-*Shrug* I dunno?!
-Ah, the Summmmmertime... when the livin' is eeeeasy! I obviously cut my hair and had makeup on again.
-Then, I dyed it teal.
-A typical day in the life... bedtime at my house. <3
There ya go. Be inspired! Now, @virginvingler, we shall both find out.
OH, I promised to poke @AimeeH when I got around to this. :P *Poke Poke*
I'm going to have to say TOP! <3 Actually TOP with his blue hair! ^^
We both harrassed each other. :}
Haha! poke received! I think TOP.
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