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I managed to snag a job, which is great for my trip to Anaheim lol so I've been working my tail off. How have yall been!! Look!! I have my tickets for the BIGBANG concert! I printed them off ages ago when I had someone going with me lol now I'm sad because I don't have someone going to the concert with me, but I'm still excited about the trip in general.
OKAY let me cut to the chase here. As you might have figured out, my friend who was supposed to go to the concert bailed. (He has a reason, I'm not mad at him I'm just sad he can't go.) So what does this mean? I know yall have already pieced it together lol I have an extra ticket. I've exhausted myself asking everyone I know who is into K-Pop, but no one can afford the trip (we live in Oklahoma so it's understandable), and my friend who is going to Cali with me is only going because he wants to go to Cali, he has less than zero interest in going to the concert. He was actually really relieved when I told him that I wasn't planning on dragging him to the concert with me when my other friends said they couldn't go.
So... conclusion? I have a spare ticket with no one to claim it lol I figured I'd ask yall and see if anyone was interested in going with. I'm one of the people who won the tickets earlier this month, so even though selling the ticket would benefit me greatly because this is an expensive trip for me.. I wouldn't feel right selling it. I mean, I sure as hell didn't buy it so it wouldn't be fair, right. Is this too good to be true?? Probably. There are some things.. obviously I only have the one extra ticket, so only one person can have the ticket. I'm also not doing a "first come first serve" kind of thing because, let's face it, the two tickets go together.. which means we'll be sitting right next to one another. THIS means I'd like us to, you know, LIKE each other since we're gonna be friends (or pretend friends) for the evening. If they're selling alcohol at the concert, I do plan on on drinking some (I'm 25, so you gotta be cool with hanging with someone my age or be around my age). If you aren't cool with me drinking, I'm sorry but.. this will be my first concert and I plan on enjoying it to the fullest. If someone who was a bit hateful towards me in the past (there was at least one messaging me, upset about how the contest turned out) and they comment on here being super friendly.. I'll know they're being fake and I'm not trying to deal with drama while I'm on my first vacation ever for my first concert ever. I'm not trying to sound like a bitch, I'm actually a very nice and friendly person, I'm just trying to be blunt so there won't be any misunderstandings ^_^ It'd be nice if we could hang out beforehand or something, get coffee/tea before we wait in line for gawd knows how long (I'd like to be in line early, but I've never been to a concert so I honestly have no idea how long is early enough).
There won't be a contest, there isn't a time limit, it's not a popularity contest.. it's who I feel comfortable with, who feels comfortable with me, who clicks with me well, etc. Don't come to me with a sob story because I'm not going to give it to someone who comes up with the most heartfelt story. It's really as simple as being friendly and whatnot. Well this is long and I apologize lol I'm looking forward to getting to know some of yall/talking again with yall!
*Edit: I didn't think I needed to add this but I guess I do.. you can PM me, but it's 80% more likely for me to see a new comment on this card than a new message. I don't get notifications for messages most of the time and I forget to check. Also, messaging doesn't give you an upper hand or anything, so just do whatever is most comfortable with you lol However, please read this entire card. I know I'm long winded, but please do so anyways. Don't PM me asking how much I'm selling the ticket for because, as I mentioned above, I'm not selling it. Thanks!!
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Hello just thought I'd throw my hat in the ring so to speak, though technically it's not for me. I would love it if you haven't given your extra ticket away yet if you'd consider giving it to my daughter. She is 17 & a huge Big Bang & Kpop fan in general. I actually had tickets for us to see them in 2012 during the Alive Tour but we didn't have a dog sitter & neither of us wanted to leave the other at home so we ended up missing it. Sadly this time around I am unemployed or I would have gotten her a ticket already. I am actively looking but it isn't easy. Anyway she is a sweetheart & I don't want her to miss out on another chance to see her favorite group. If it's too late thank you for listening to my story anyway. If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask. -Y
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IT'S BECAUSE I HAVE THE SAME PROBLEM. My friends always ask me what I'm typing hahaha. I mean the worse one was when I was trying to ask my friend what size shirt they wore... Everyone is so busy! Oh yea.. that's true. Bring the kids too! LOL Oh really? Oh, you probably don't drink green tea then O: I drink it pretty often because I drink Boba a lot :D Yes, I've never had stuffing!!! jsjdjdnsn *0* For some reason that made my mouth water hahaha Ooo.. I know what you mean. I can't even eat cereal after it barges in milk too long! Awhh that kind of sucks getting the same present, but then other people put in effort to get it as well. ): I get all the Christmas blankets since they're always given to me as gifts! Hahah just in case?? Well, most guys like to smell good hehehe. I can't even buy them socks because I'm not sure what kind they like. Cologne and hoodies are good ideas though! Plain zipups, t-shirts, shorts. Its sounds easy, but it's not at all!!
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@yharper23, Aw I'm sorry yall weren't able to go to the concert because of not having a proper dog sitter.
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@neener, I just realized my tablet put "train brothers" lol they're not trains, I promise. It was supposed to say TWIN brothers. -_- hahahahaha I think I tried green tea one time, YEARS ago when I was sick at my grandmothers house. She made me green tea to help with it and I remember it tasting horrible. But it was hot tea and I have a problem with hot drinks lol I don't even drink hot chocolate, I found a place that makes frozen hot chocolate and I drink that. xD I'm weird, I know. I CANNOT BELIEVE THAT YOU HAVE NEVER HAD STUFFING!! YOU DON'T HAVE ANY DURING THANKSGIVING OR CHRISTMAS OR OTHER FAT PEOPLE HOLIDAYS BECAUSE THAT IS INSANE! If I don't know what to buy someone for Christmas, it sucks for them because I usually just get them what I like lol for guys I get them the hoodies I like and the smell good stuff that I like. But I have good taste, sooooo... ;-) I'm not a huge fan of Axe so I don't usually buy that, I get them stuff like Tim McGraw, Addidas. I love Addidas. And hoodies, I like the ones that are thick and warm and soft. And ones that look cool. Last year I bought my brothers hoodies that looked like they were from Assassins Creed. I almost kept them because they were soft on the inside and super cool on the outside. I have the most trouble buying things for my sons Godparents. Because they buy what they want. You think you have a good gift idea for them and two days later they're talking about how they already bought it. It's crazy. And annoying lol they're one of the ones who always gets generic gifts because of it. Candle sets, blankets, etc. The guy just recently got into albums this year, though, so I may go get some albums for him. I gave him one that I had that I didn't use, if I was smart I would have saved it and added it to his gift because I know he really liked it. And I don't know what he already has. He buys everything. -_-
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I DIDNT EVEN NOTICE THAT TYPO LOLOL! Hahaha, green tea is bitter but if you put some honey in it.. YUM! (: but hot chocolate is so gooooodddd! frozen hot chocolate sounds like a popsicle stick hahaha NO I'VE SERIOUSLY NEVER HAD IT OMGOMG I MUST BE MISSING OUT ON THE GOOD STUFF. Axe is just way to strong... it gets sickening blehhh. The guys I know love soft jackets. Omg I love their clothes sometimes because it's so comfortable and soft. Shh don't tell anyone I bought a guy jacket :'D Omg I know that feeling.. One year I was going to buy my friends what they said they wanted (not on a list or anything, I was being observant) and each of them bought it the day before I wanted to give it to them... IT WAS CRAZY I WAS SO MAD ON THE INSIDE. Oh be slick and just ask him if you can see his collection and secretly take pictures of them all (:
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