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I managed to snag a job, which is great for my trip to Anaheim lol so I've been working my tail off. How have yall been!! Look!! I have my tickets for the BIGBANG concert! I printed them off ages ago when I had someone going with me lol now I'm sad because I don't have someone going to the concert with me, but I'm still excited about the trip in general.
OKAY let me cut to the chase here. As you might have figured out, my friend who was supposed to go to the concert bailed. (He has a reason, I'm not mad at him I'm just sad he can't go.) So what does this mean? I know yall have already pieced it together lol I have an extra ticket. I've exhausted myself asking everyone I know who is into K-Pop, but no one can afford the trip (we live in Oklahoma so it's understandable), and my friend who is going to Cali with me is only going because he wants to go to Cali, he has less than zero interest in going to the concert. He was actually really relieved when I told him that I wasn't planning on dragging him to the concert with me when my other friends said they couldn't go.
So... conclusion? I have a spare ticket with no one to claim it lol I figured I'd ask yall and see if anyone was interested in going with. I'm one of the people who won the tickets earlier this month, so even though selling the ticket would benefit me greatly because this is an expensive trip for me.. I wouldn't feel right selling it. I mean, I sure as hell didn't buy it so it wouldn't be fair, right. Is this too good to be true?? Probably. There are some things.. obviously I only have the one extra ticket, so only one person can have the ticket. I'm also not doing a "first come first serve" kind of thing because, let's face it, the two tickets go together.. which means we'll be sitting right next to one another. THIS means I'd like us to, you know, LIKE each other since we're gonna be friends (or pretend friends) for the evening. If they're selling alcohol at the concert, I do plan on on drinking some (I'm 25, so you gotta be cool with hanging with someone my age or be around my age). If you aren't cool with me drinking, I'm sorry but.. this will be my first concert and I plan on enjoying it to the fullest. If someone who was a bit hateful towards me in the past (there was at least one messaging me, upset about how the contest turned out) and they comment on here being super friendly.. I'll know they're being fake and I'm not trying to deal with drama while I'm on my first vacation ever for my first concert ever. I'm not trying to sound like a bitch, I'm actually a very nice and friendly person, I'm just trying to be blunt so there won't be any misunderstandings ^_^ It'd be nice if we could hang out beforehand or something, get coffee/tea before we wait in line for gawd knows how long (I'd like to be in line early, but I've never been to a concert so I honestly have no idea how long is early enough).
There won't be a contest, there isn't a time limit, it's not a popularity contest.. it's who I feel comfortable with, who feels comfortable with me, who clicks with me well, etc. Don't come to me with a sob story because I'm not going to give it to someone who comes up with the most heartfelt story. It's really as simple as being friendly and whatnot. Well this is long and I apologize lol I'm looking forward to getting to know some of yall/talking again with yall!
*Edit: I didn't think I needed to add this but I guess I do.. you can PM me, but it's 80% more likely for me to see a new comment on this card than a new message. I don't get notifications for messages most of the time and I forget to check. Also, messaging doesn't give you an upper hand or anything, so just do whatever is most comfortable with you lol However, please read this entire card. I know I'm long winded, but please do so anyways. Don't PM me asking how much I'm selling the ticket for because, as I mentioned above, I'm not selling it. Thanks!!
Anaheim is pretty big btw
ohhhh gurl! if you still haven't picked a person...throw me in the pool as well. we can go kbbq and pregame before the concert lol jk! (or am i?) .....haha jk I'm going to the one on Saturday, but have loads of fun! πŸŽ‰
Omg yes in the Kmall in L.A I love that store I live like 1hr away from it by metro Lol me two @ErinGregory
πŸ˜‚ You got it! Hahaha I have to have someone exercise with me or else I'm just too lazy to do it! I would like to see the animals but I already dislike the smell when I visit farm animals... so when you go visit, tell me about it ^_^. They mostly have stationary though. Not as many snacks as I think they would have. Going to Japanese markets would be better for food and snacks! Have you tried green tea pocky? Idk why it's so hyped, because I personally like the chocolate one with almonds on it Awhhh that's so fun though.. Only my friends and I exchange gifts so it's not too much of a big deal. And like on Thanksgiving, we almost never have turkey unless I go to someone else's house. I ALWAYS WANT MASHED POTATO AND GRAVY. SO GOOD!!! Wait, how do you know what to get each other?! That's a lot of people!! Wow... no wonder people get stressed out when it comes to Christmas. GOOD LUCK WITH THAT OMG
I like hot tasting food but not so much spicy. .. I guess it depends. have u tried the shin cup ramen
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