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1. Emealia White 2. Southeast Texas 3. Fangirl 4. Blackjack, VIP, ARMYS 5. Taeyang & RapMon are my #1s 6. Currently: Love You To Death by Taeyang 7. Currently: Coffee Prince but I'm rewatching is probably why XD
1. Stacey 2. From Alabama, Live in California 3. Girl 4. VIP, BlackJack, BBC (and someone needs to name Jung Joon Young's >.>) 5. TOP, Jung Joon Young, Zico 6.Empty - Winner Take Off Mask & Missed Call - Jung Joon Young Butterfly - G-Dragon Of All Days - TOP Every single song Big Bang sings. :P 7. Probably Boys Over Flowers, but I'm watching Orange Marmalade atm. I <3 it, but if you read the comic, expect changes. :)
omg this makes me want to watch coffee prince again too!
1.my full name is summer-marie but I go by summer. 2.I'm from Houston, Texas 👐 3.fangirl 4.V.I.P, Jaywalkers, blackjack, and armys 5. GD, Jay park and rapmon 6.big bang zutter, bts boy in love, and Jay park my last 7. city hunter, angel eyes , and my lovely girl