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1. Emealia White 2. Southeast Texas 3. Fangirl 4. Blackjack, VIP, ARMYS 5. Taeyang & RapMon are my #1s 6. Currently: Love You To Death by Taeyang 7. Currently: Coffee Prince but I'm rewatching is probably why XD
1.my full name is summer-marie but I go by summer. 2.I'm from Houston, Texas 👐 3.fangirl 4.V.I.P, Jaywalkers, blackjack, and armys 5. GD, Jay park and rapmon 6.big bang zutter, bts boy in love, and Jay park my last 7. city hunter, angel eyes , and my lovely girl
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1. Stacey 2. From Alabama, Live in California 3. Girl 4. VIP, BlackJack, BBC (and someone needs to name Jung Joon Young's >.>) 5. TOP, Jung Joon Young, Zico 6.Empty - Winner Take Off Mask & Missed Call - Jung Joon Young Butterfly - G-Dragon Of All Days - TOP Every single song Big Bang sings. :P 7. Probably Boys Over Flowers, but I'm watching Orange Marmalade atm. I <3 it, but if you read the comic, expect changes. :)
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omg this makes me want to watch coffee prince again too!
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