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Eren is still nowhere to be seen...I cannot handle these feels... T^T

The World the Girl Saw: The Struggle for Trost, Part 2

Episode Summary (from Wikipedia)
Armin awakens to find himself surrounded by Conny Springer, Christa Lenz and Ymir. When Armin breaks down into tears after Conny asks what happened to his squad, Ymir correctly deduces that they have all died. As Armin heads back to the rear guard, he blames himself for being weak in not saving Eren. Meanwhile, a greedy merchant tries to force his cargo into the city's exit gate and refuses to allow the refugees to go first. As the crowd grows impatient, a brunette Abnormal Titan hurriedly approaches but is killed by Mikasa at the last second. When she realizes the merchant is the cause of the holdup at the gate, she threatens him to move his cargo for the refugees. As she is thanked by a mother and daughter, Mikasa starts to reminisce her past. In the year 844, a year before Wall Maria had fallen, Mikasa was targeted by slave traders, who killed her biological parents. As Grisha and Eren discovered the dead bodies at her home, Grisha ordered Eren to return home. Instead, Eren tracked down the slave traders to a nearby hut and killed two of them in an attempt to save Mikasa. However, the third slave trader showed up and strangled Eren, who told Mikasa to kill the man if she wanted to live, which she did so after obtaining resolve. Eventually, the children were found by the Military Police. As Mikasa lamented that she has nowhere left to go home, she was invited to live with Grisha and Eren, who gave her a red scarf to wear. Back in the present, Mikasa slays more Titans and goes to help the other squads evacuate.

My thoughts as I watched this episode:

>>> OMG where is the Titan that ate Eren?
>>> ALL the soldiers died...NOOOOOO!
>>> Ah, don't call Armin useless T_T
>>> Okay, Armins needs to…not be a wimp anymore…
>>> OH DAMMIT. THE TITAN AGAIN. This one runs real funny LOLOLOLOL
>>> Mikasa's flashback is giving me all the feels.
>>> OMG Mikasa's parents were killed?!
>>> Ugh slave traders...SMH
>>> OMG first Eren, now this. WHY WHY WHY? This flashback was uncalled for!
>>> WOW EREN WAS BADASS AS A KID TOO. And he saved Mikasa? Dang!
>>> That scarf wrap though LMAO. Eren, I love you, you idiot.
>>> Well...Mikasa is gonna lose it when she finds out what happened to Eren...

Eren is still missing.

Mikasa's flashback gave me all the feels.

What's up with Armin?

how are you pacing yourself? I had to binge I was so addicted lol
you better handle it, there is more to watch :-)
Omg yess... Lol 1 a day good luck @poojas
Haha ok good luck
@shantalcamara No worries friend! :) I am glad I can talk to you guys about it! @nenegrint14 I am trying to enjoy each and every episode by spacing them out lol. Trust me, it's really difficult right now but I am going to try! @solodaywithB1A4 Aww, same here when the mom died. And I have to do 1 a day. Otherwise it will end too soon T_T
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