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The broadcast is now live on V
To all international fans of the Kpop World, there is a new app that I came across. It's called V line. Where we can watch and interact with idols through live broadcasts. I got a shout out recently from CN Blue. They said hi. I was surprised that they read my comments. I highly recommend this app.
Just download the app and follow whatever idols you like and you can get notifications when they go live. ✌ ✌ ✌ ✌ ✌
Oh yeah, I follow Taeyang on instagram and he posted that he will be broadcasting 09/09/15. Super Excited for him too. This is a great way to interact and support Big Bang.
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:( I have school! WHYY?! Thats it Im calling a sick day!
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Most of the time the live broadcasts happen when I'm in school or either I'm sleeping...AHEM BTS AHEM AHEM X( :)
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aww I missed gd broadcast...had class, stupid eng :(...
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