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was tagged by @glostick so here's some stuff about me.
1.What's Your Real Name? Full name is Marisol Rivera im too cool for a middle name I guess
2.Where are you from? From Maryland but live in Louisiana... yay me lol jk I hate the heat I'm a winter baby
3.Fan Girl Or Fan Boy? Fan girl duh lol
4.What's Your Fandom? VIP IGot7 ExoL Army also love Jay park zion.t cohorts crush
5.Who are your Bias? My ultimate Love and #1 ♥♡GD ♥♡ Chanyeol Zion.t Top Rap Monster Jackson JB Jimin Suga tao Jungkook way too many to name but like I said GD is my number one love♥♡
6.Favorite Song Mino-Fear ft taeyang probably the best song ever.
8.Whats Your Favorite KDrama? Oh my ghostess definitely not only was it funny but It was crazy especially everything that was happening with my poor choi and chef is extremely hot lol