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So last time I saw a picture where Kpop takes over your life and there is no way out. KPOP HAS INVADED MY LIFE!! I have proof.
#1 I listen and rewatch this amazing and really adictive song. Its so addictive my 6 year old niece learned and listened to this song the whole summer.
#2 Even if they are not the same I LOVE the song JustRight from Got7. I just love them!! (Even if I only know Jackson,JB, and BamBam)
#3 This song is so weird and controversial my family gets mad when I watch the video, but I just laugh. YES IT'S ZUTTER!!!
#4 I just bought this backpack for back to school!! Yes!!!
#5 Kpop is amazing!!! Well the pictures kind of say everything.
#6 I get mad when someone says, "Why do you like that Japenese, or Chinese?" I'm just like "Well his actually Korean!!"
#7 Kdramas are also addictive!!! Mostly with really handsome oppas!!
And the last one I follow BigBang members on Instagram. GDragon, TOP, Taeyang, and Seungri. I also follow Jackson from Got7.
Hahaha I've been told their hip hop is better than our here in the US which is very true. Much more of a rhythm.
omg the picture for #7 HAHAHAH
@glostick Well than thats good.
@IlseJimenez eh don't feel sorry. I got out and I'm glad I did.
@glostick Im sorry about your divorce, but yes Kpop and even Kdramas help with depression or a very sad day. When I get stress out at work or even school I just breath, take out my earphones and listen to some kpop.
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