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ABOUT ME!!! :[]
so i got tagged by @glostick thank you for tagging me here is my card
1) What is my real name?? Hello...my real name its Stephanie
2) Where you from? Im from Brownsville, Texas
3) Fangirl/FanBoy? Im a Fangirl.....hehehe thats me all the time with my kpop
4) Whats Your Fandom? i have a lot im army, bana, vip, starlight, igot7 i forgot the fandom names for block b and c clown i have more but those our my main but my ultimate ones our Army and Bana
5) Who is your bias? BTS, B1A4, JACKSON, KANGJUN LEO&RAVI, P.O, TOP........i have kdrama bias too but i had no gif or pictures but you see them in my favorite kdrama
www.youtube.com1DAA50E1-0355-420D-A1AD-2C244287F3DCCreated with sketchtool.
6) What is your favorite song? my favorite song is 'So 4 More' by BTS but right now its 'Haru Haru' by big bang
7) Whats your favorite k-drama? My Favorite K-Drama is Boys over flowers cause my bbs come out......in reality that where i found them...............ughh GOON JUN PYO AND KIMMMMM.......no but other than that i love it i cried though out everything
hope you guys enjoyed bye bye love you <3 :[] thanks again for tagging me @glostick i had fun
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