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Alright alright alrighhhhht *Kevin Hart Voice* I was tagged by @B1A4BTS5ever @glostick @B2utyrisa to do this challenge, so here it is...
1) What is my real name?
My real name is Princess Consuela BananaHammock... Just Kidding!! That is a Friend's reference; My name is Aimee Lynne.
2) Where am I from...
I am from Heaven of course.... Just kidding again!!! I live in Arkansas but raised half of my life in Oklahoma.
3) Fangirl/ Fanboy?
I am a fangirl... I think.... O.o o.O
4) Fandom... Are you sure you are ready for this... Take a seat...
EXO-L (EXO) E.L.F (Super Junior) Royal Family (Boys Republic) Unicorn (UNIQ) ARMY (BTS) B2UTY (BEAST) MADPEOPLE (Mad Town) VIP (BigBang) STβ˜†RLIGHT (VIXX) Inspirit (Infinite) Cassiopeia (TVXQ) Hottest (2PM) ALPHA (AlphaBat) Aziatix, I don't think they have a fandom name per se, but I still adore them... Jaywalker (Jay Park) Dears (Gackt) Hyphen (Kat-Tun)
*Phew I made it*
5) Who is your Bias.... I just noticed that crap... I have quite a bit so again take a seat..
EXO ~ Xiumin & Lay + Super Junior ~ Shindong, Ryewook, Kyuhyun, Donghae & Kangin & Zhoumi + Boys Republic ~ OneJunn & Sun woo & Minsu + UNIQ ~ Zhou Yixuan & Li Wen Han + BTS ~ J-Hope & Rap Mon + BEAST ~ Yoseob & DooJoon & Junhyung + MadTown ~ LeeGeon + BigBang ~ Seungri & Daesung + VIXX ~ N & Ken & Ravi + Infinite~ Dongwoo + TVXQ ~ Yunho + 2PM ~ Taecyeon + AlphaBat ~ B:eta & F:ie & H:eta & I:ota + Aziatix ~ Eddie (BAE) , Nicky (BAE), and Flowsik (BAE)
Dear god that was hard.. This gave me more problems than the college math book...
Fun fact: I just bragged to @Taijiotter that I finally figured out who my biases of SuperJunior were after sooo many years....
6) Favorite Song...
Some one hates me... I have to choose one singular song now?! ACK Okay..... Super Junior Perfection!!!
Fun Fact: I have changed this section sooooo many times.....
7) Fav K-Drama: πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–
Boys over Flowers... It is still my most favorite, and plus it has My Ultimate Guy Kim Joon in it... He is so beautiful *PTERODACTYL SCREECH* *STARBUCKS & UGGS STAT* *SWOONS*
Okay!! So now I tag:
slippin away was the song that made me fall for them. but I really love their new album. have you heard it?
@shanikqas Omg! that's awesome! I love Eddie! Slippin away is my favorite song from Aziatix, and moon embraces the sun is such a good show!
1. shanikqa 2.usa 3.fangirl 4. aziaddict 5. Eddie shin 6. slippin' away 7. the moon that embraces the sun
@AimeeH thanks. I know ur feeling my friend from OK supposed to drive to me and we supposed to go to NY but we couldn't
@AimeeH yeah I saw BAP there. of course missed 2PM I was in Colorado at that time lol. could have went and see Got7 but it was on. mothers day. I mean I do live few hours away from NY now its just I don't have a car to get there lol. have you seen any of the bands yet?
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