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Just in case you had any questions about what your favorite K-Pop group's fandoms and colors are. Here you go. ***B.T.W. this list may not have all of the current new groups that just debuted.***
1TYM: 힙합빌리지 (Hip Hop Village) / Black (towels/handkerchiefs)  2AM: 아이엠 (I AM) / Metallic Grey 2NE1: 블랙잭 (Blackjack) (Korea); ブラックジャック ノルジャ (Blackjack Nolza) (Japan) / Hot Pink 2PM: 핫티스트 (HOTTEST) / Metallic Grey 24K: 투포유 (24U) / None (없다) 8eight: Sweet Voice / None (없다) 9Muses: TBA... 100%: Perfection / None (없다) AA (Double A): 더블유 (W) / None (없다) Ailee: Alien / None (없다) A-JAX: A-Light / None (없다) AlphaBAT: Alpha / None (없다) AOA: Ace of Elvis (AOE) / None (없다) A-Pink: Pink Panda / Pink A-Prince: A-Land / None (없다) AST'1: Eustice / Pearl Purple  After School: Playgirlz/Boyz / Yellow Astro: AROHA / None (없다) B1A4: Bana / Pastel Apple Lime Baby V.O.X: Baby Angels / Pearl Baby Pink Baby V.O.X Re.V: Second Wing / Pink Badkiz: Goodkiz / None (없다) Baek Ji Young: None / Red Bae Seul Gi: None (없다) / Red (heart-shaped balloons) B.A.P: Baby / Spring Green [considered semi-official for the time being] Battle: Battle Destiny / Pearl Gold BEAST: B2UTY (Beauty) / Dark Grey  Big Bang: V.I.P /  None (없다)  NOTE: Big Bang has no official color. Instead V.I.Ps wave black and white handkerchiefs (in lieu of balloons) or yellow crown lightsticks Big Star: Only One / None (없다) BlackBeat: Soul Black / Pearl Black Black Pearl: Pearl Black Blady: Hi Ade / None (없다) Block B: BBC (Block B Club) / Black and Yellow (stripes) BoA: Jumping BoA (Korea); Soul (Japan)/ Pearl Yellow Boyfriend: Best Friend / None (없다) Boys Republic: Royal Family / None (없다) BPPOP: Sweet Pop / None (없다) Brave Girls: FEARLESS / None (없다)  Brown Eyed Girls: Everlasting / Yellow and Black BTOB: Melody / Slow Blue BTS (Bulletproof Boyscouts): A.R.M.Y / Black Buzz: Buzz’s Happy People / Blue(lightsticks)  Byul:  None (없다) / Purple  Chakra: Goddess / Purple (all solo members included)  Chae Yeon:  None (없다) / Apricot ChAOs: chaoNYX / None (없다) CHI-CHI: Shy Girl/Boy / None (없다) Chocolat: Chocolatier / None (없다) Click B: NIZI / Green  C.N. Blue: Boice / Blue Code-V: V-intage / None (없다) Crayon Pop:  None (없다) / Apple Green //NOTE: Crayon Pop has no official fanname; instead older male fans are referred to as Popjusshi and female fans are called Popgirl. C-REAL: C-REALing / None (없다) Cross Gene: TBA / None (없다) Dal☆Shabet: Darling / None (없다) Davichi: Girls High / None (없다) DAY6: TBA... Diva: None (없다) / Pearl Purple  DMTN: Dalmate / None (없다) Dragon N Tiger (DNT): DAY / Chocolate  D-Unit: Unique / None (없다) Electroboyz: Teamelectro / None (없다) Epik High: High Skool / Black Eru: Hi Eru / Pearl Green  Eun Ji Won: G-CREW / Silver e.via [Tymee]: e.Vil / Pink and Black EvoL: Vollers / None (없다) EXID: L.E.G.O / None (없다) EXO: EXO-L /  None (없다) F.Cuz: For U / Twinkle Light Silver FIESTAR: Let★s / None (없다) Fin.K.L: Pinky / Pearl Red  F.I.X: Polaris / None (없다) Fly to the Sky: Fly High / Sky Blue  F.T Island: Primadonna / Yellow(Pentastick)  f(x): ME U / Pearl Light Periwinkle[considered semi-official for the time being] Gavy NJ: Happiness / None (없다) Gfriend: TBA... Girls Day: DAI5Y / None (없다) Girls Generation: S♥ne (Sone, pronounced So-won) / Pastel Rose Pink(heart shaped balloons)  g.o.d: Fan god / Sky Blue  Gong Yoo: Yoo & I / None (없다) Got7: I Got7 / None (없다) G.NA: G.NI / Pink GP Basic: Spade / Purple Hello Venus: Hello Cupid / Lime Green HISTORY: Storia / None (없다) H.O.T: Club H.O.T (fans referred to as White Angels) / White(all solo members included)     └ Kangta: Club K.I.T     └ Lee Jaewon: Lee Style    └ Moon Hee Jun: Club H.I.T (former) (current)     └ Tony: From Tony    └ Jang Woohyuk: Woohyuk 35 Hyori: HyoRish / Red iKON: TBA... Infinite: Inspirit / Metal Gold Pearl Isak N Jiyeon: Pearl Wine  I The Tri-Tops: TriStar / None (없다) IU: Uaena / None (없다) Ivy: Ivynus / Lime Green  Jang Nara: Fly [Nara] Love / Pearl Blue  Jaurim: Hee Hee NakRock / None (없다) Jay Park: Jaywalkerz / Black and Yellow Jewelry: Jewel Box / Blue  JinuSean: None / Red  JJ Project: JOYOUS / None (없다) Jo Sung Mo: Sungmo Maria / Transparent jtL: From JTL / White Juniel: Banila / None (없다) J-Walk: Police / Yellow  JYJ: None / Pearl Red KCM: None / Pearl Emerald Green  Kim Jong Kook: Papitus / None (없다) KINO: Leaf / None (없다) K-Much: So Much / None (없다) KNK: None (없다) Koyote: Little Sun / Pearl Blue K-pop: K-popcon / Pearl Peach  Ladies Code: Lavely / None (없다) LC9: Love Beat / None (없다) LED Apple: L.E.D.A / Pearl Teal Lee Jung Hyun: Feel2ya / Gold Lee Seunggi: Airen / Pearl Mint Lee Soo Young: Crystal / Pink  LeeU: Syndrome (Japan) / None (없다) Lunafly: Lukie / None (없다) LoveUs: Lovey / None (없다) MBLAQ: A+ / Pearl Chocolate MC Mong: Dream-kids / Pearl Peach  MC The MAX: None (없다) / Ivory M.I.B: Buster / None (없다) M.I.L.K: Milky Way / Pink  miss A: Say A / None (없다) Monster:  None (없다) / Black M.Peror: Kingdom / None (없다) M.Pire: MUSE / None (없다) MR.MR: Miso / None (없다) MYNAME: MYgirl / None (없다) Nine Muses: Mine / None (없다) NRG: Cheonjae Ilwoo / Pink  N.Flying: TBA... N:SONIC: Supersonic / None (없다) N-Train: Eternal / None (없다) NU'EST: L.O.Λ.E (pronounced Love) / Neon Pink One Way: One Love / None (없다)  Papaya:  None (없다) / Pink  Paran: Blue Ciel / Pearl Sapphire Sky Blue  Park Hyo Shin: Soul Tree / Green PSY: PSYcho / Black Rain: Clouds / Silver  Rainbow: Rain-nous / 7-colored rainbow RaNia: A1ST (pronounced A-First) / None (없다) S#arp: None (없다) / Red SE7EN: Lucky 7 / Lime Green (7-shaped glowsticks)  Sechskies: DSF (Dear Seichskies Friend) / Yellow  Secret: SECRETTIME / White SeeYa: SeeYa With You / Pearl Light Pink Seventeen: Carat / None (없다) Seo Taiji:  None (없다) / Yellow S.E.S: Friend / Pearl Purple(all solo members included)  SG Wannabe:  Love Room / Pearl Gold SHE'Z: 홀릭 (Holic / None (없다) SHINee: 샤이니월드 (SHINee World (샤월 (Shawol)) / Pearl Aqua Green Shinhwa: 신화창조 (Shinhwa Changjo) / Orange(all solo members included) Shinvi: Linos / Pearl Teal SHU-I: SHU-EYES / Purple  SISTAR: 스타1 (STAR1) (pronounced Style)/ Fuchsia  SM☆SH: 스마일 (SMILE) / None (없다) Sonamoo: 솔방울 (Pine Cone) / None (없다) Son Dambi: DBLV / None (없다) SPEED: DEEPS / None (없다) SPICA: Mercury / None (없다) SS501: Triple S (Korea), Triple S Japan / Pearl Light Green (all solo members included)    └ Hyungjoon: Jjunaway    └ Hyunjoong: Henecia    └ Jungmin: Family (Japan)    └ Kyujong: ThanKyu    └ Youngsaeng: Y.E.S (Youngsaeng’s Eternal Supporters) STORM: None / Pearl Chocolate  Sugar: Sugar Island / Apricot  Sung Si Kyung: Purple Ocean / Dark Purple  Sunny Hill: H:LLËR / Sunshine Yellow Super Junior: E.L.F (Ever Lasting Friend) / Pearl Sapphire Blue     └ Heechul: Petals (also referred to as Undeads by Heechul)    └ Henry: Strings    └ Zhou Mi: Mitangs (Honeys) Supernova: Stardust (Korea),(Japan) / Pearl TAHITI: None / Black Pearl  Take: TAKEzone / Red (heart-shaped balloons) T-ARA: QUEEN’S (Korea), Sweet Treasure (Japan) / Pearl Ivory Tasty: 2wings / None (없다) TEEN TOP: Angel / Pearl Light Lavender Tei: Tenia / Pearl Blue The BOSS: MASTER / Pearl Terracotta The Grace: Shapley / Pearl Pink    └ Dana: DANA 4 U / Pastel Pink Tim: Pearl Sapphire Blue  TINY-G: MINI-ME / None (없다) T-Max: Mighty Max / Pearl Midnight Blue TRAX: TRAXIAN / Pearl Cobalt Blue  TVXQ: Cassiopeia (Korea); Bigeast (Japan) / Pearl Red Two-X: Doubling / None (없다) U-KISS: Kiss Me / Pearl Fuchsia UN: UN-i / Pearl Fushia  UP10TION: TBA... VAV: Vamps / None (없다) VIXX: ST☆RLIGHT / None (없다) V.O.S: Soulmate / Pearl Burgundy Winner: Inner Circle / None (없다) Wonder Girls: Wonderful / Pearl Burgundy Yoo Seungjoon: West Side / Red Younha: YounHapia / Light Pink  ZE:A: ZE:A Style (ZE:A’S) / Jade Green Zhang Li Yin: Chocolate / Metal Pearl Light Gold 
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The detail and effort is spectacular. And thanks for posting this!
I will try to keep this card current as much as possible. I will be adding the new groups as well though some may not have fandoms or colors established yet. If you notice that a K-Pop group/singer is not listed please message me. Thanks!!!
@glo86 got7? maybe I missed it
@JinsPrincess86 Sechskies has a new Fandom Name. The fandom goes by YellowKies now. It changed when they decided to come back as a group. BTS fandom color is actually White. Sechskies Kang Sung Hoon's fandom is Hoony World. Color: N/A Z.Tao's Fandom name is Hailings. (Pronounced High-lings. Thought he should be included as he was really popular in Korea.) Color: N/A LuHan's Fandom is LuFam. Not sure about the color thou. I'll keep you posted when I find more.
@JinsPrincess86 Cross Gene's Fandom name is CandY (I believe it translates into Cross Gene and You. Don't quote that thou.)