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thanks for the tag! ^^ @B1A4BTS5ever
My real name is Marisa
I am from Midland, Texas I'm actually Thai but I was born in Texas. And the town we live in is super small and boring and there's really nothing to do.
I am a fangirl...hehe... or am I?...
My fandoms are B2uty, Army, Inspirit, and Xingmi I feel so guilty being in more than one but what can I do? the damage is done man...
Sorry man but I have so many biases it's hard to choose but first let's start with B2st, Vmin, Myungyeol, and Yixing...okay plus all of the other BTS boys... they're just so hard to resist!
My favorite song right now would have to be Infinite's Just another lonely night even though they only have the Japanese version I still listen to it well. I hope they release a Korean version one day.
My favorite Kdrama is definitely Reply 1997 I usually don't watch a lot of dramas or never have the patience to finish them but this one was so cute!
your turn! I'm sorry if I missed someone but basically if you see this then I tag you too! @adorkabledolly @BangtansArmy @LaurenAntoine @AimeeH @Tayunnie @kpopandkimchi @jimjammin
YES same fav drama!!! And what's a Xingmi?
@kpopandkimchi Xingmis are Yixing's fanclub hahah. I don't really consider myself an EXO L to be honest since I only follow Yixing but I still buy their albums just the Chinese one though...I don't know it's kind of complicated.