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Okay yes so jimin has jams today he finally got them wooo but the word how crossed my mind
then as i was thinking i was like got it.....how would jimin get jams unless he saw our jimin appreciation cards?? Its Jam Week for Jimin! (@ninachan card) http://www.vingle.net/posts/1016457?shsrc=v Jimin Appreciation (everyones card) http://www.vingle.net/collections/3108733?cshsrc=v
so i kept thinking and i was like nahhh but then i was like but what if he did........what if bts had a vingle and they are pretending to be some fangirl....we would never excpect it
oh no everything i said about them what if they read it
ahhhh noo bts im sorry im not a weird perverted fangirl......okay maybe a little...........okay fine a lot....im sorry
this may not be true but what if....think about it
i dont know what to say or think anymore but what if......hahaha :[] no but really what if that be so cool yet so embarassing
just think about it i mean come on we all start giving jimin jams and now out of no where he has them....i mean come on......j-just think about it....what if??
If an idol got on Vingle: "Hey guys, look at this website I found! We can see how our international fans view us, but in secret! This is great!" *all crowds around the computer and slowly starts scrolling, clicking, and reading* *Slowly closes the laptop and backs away* "Let's never ever do that again, international fans are weird.. and they gave Jimin jams, WTF."
Like this comment if you're secretly Jimin.
guess the secrets finally out and I can stop hiding now.....ps. thanks for the jams i will keep them forever😂😂
*Gasp* What if they found out our plan of kidnapping V too?
ha ha ha I think this all the time! I wonder if they have secret kakao accounts or secret any accounts ha ha I always wonder how to find them
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