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Such a cutiepie
Don't act so surprised You're only cute to some of us
We good? Okay, cause you're younger than me. I can't look at you that way
You're just to precious
That is not a challenge
Don't you dare
Stop it Put that away
Oh my
Sweet mother
Just get on my stupid list <.<
Shut up
You still got no jams
Agreed? Agreed
@B1A1BTS5ever My appreciation post for Jimin XD And ya'll Jimin is more than his abs, this was just funny to me.
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@linzi0302 @BtsIsLife @kchavens09 Because you're new, have some feels
2 years ago·Reply
I love Jimin and his cute personality ♡
2 years ago·Reply
hahaha!! OMG!! He's so cute!! I love him~~
2 years ago·Reply
@darcmana Let the jimin feels consume you
2 years ago·Reply
Oh. My. God. The feels right now need to be contained we are in public!!!
2 years ago·Reply