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@AimeeH tagg3d me in this challenge and so i shall answer your questions! no need to get pushy >.< jk!
1. what is your real name? welllllll lets see... Sharayah Dawn is my name. people call me Shay as well as a wide variety of nicknames! i know its a weird name but it goes with my weird personality!
2. where are you from? another star? omo! sorry i am watching my love from another star and its hitting me right in the feels! cant breathe! ok serious face. i am from Michigan. I Have lived all over tho.
3. fanboy/ fangirl? I am most definitely a fangirl! p.s. i would love to go shopping with you. And Santa will be forever real if I get you for christmas...
4. whats your fandom? hmmmmm... all the fandoms!!! oh i have to pick?.... otay... here goes. I am an inspirit (infinite) a VIP (bigbang) and a fan of Got7 and f(x). i dont know what their fan names are.
5. my bias? uh... Woohyun Oppa (infinite) G Dragon Oppa (BigBang) Mark Oppa (Got7) and Amber (fx)
6. my fave song? ummmm... only tears by infinite. followed closely by last romeo by infinite then who you by GD
7. fave kdrama? ummmm You're Beautiful or Heirs! i love them both so much!!!
well thays all folks! I tag @VeronicaArtino and @B1A4BTS5ever p.s. just some cute/funny memes i found! disclaimer: i own none of these gifs/memes. thanks to the lovely people who made them!