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Boys Over Flowers Challenge - My Idol F4 Crew!
So after a whole lot of brainstorming and searching, I have created my own Boys Over Flowers cast! :D Shoutout to @kpopandkimchi for making this awesome challenge!
I'll be Geum Jan Di since we have the same initials (JD) and because I'm not gonna miss the chance to hang out with sexy idols who fight over me ;) hehe
Ga Eul would be Sandara Park! Who else could I possibly want as my BFF?? Pretty, kind, sensitive, loving, and sometimes naive.
Yi Jung is the hottie Jaejoong! Sexy, playboy, sensitive, elegant, and hard-working.
Woo Bin is Lee Jong Suk. Kind, friendly, caring, good-looking... and of course, he's a gangster who's really good at fighting! :D <3
The sweet and wonderful knight in shining armor, Ji Hoo, would be my one and only... G-Dragon!!!
Gu Jun Pyo will be.... The fabulous TOP! :D Tall, handsome, goofy, and unpredictable. Yay! Now I can be in bliss where GD and TOP fight over me xD Except, I would change the original plot and marry GD in the end xD Soooorry TOP, I still love you!
Thanks for checking out my card! I hope you liked it :D I'm looking forward to seeing more F4 versions! So go ahead and make your own, it'll be fun!
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