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Summer is leaving hello Autumn! Is it just me or I cant wait for fall to come im actually excited, i cant wait for the Hot chocolate,sweaters/cardigans, booties, jeans, bonfires, crisp air and colorful leaves! We need a new wardrobe you cant be wearing you short shorts and tank top outside lol im here to help you with "The Fall Essentials" that you should have in your closet :) Here are my top 9 , hope you love it
1. A trench coat You need a trench coat! they are supper stylish and light weight perfect for the cold morning weather.
2. Boyfriend jeans They are really trendy right now, they are comfortable and casual.
3. Boots! You cant be wearing your uggs at fall even though they are cute but they are cuter at winter. You need to have pair of Ankle boots and knee high boots. I love the leather knee high boots but one of my favorite knee high boots, that I have are Hunter boots they are just perfect for fall.
4. Tights/Knee high socks Dont forget tights or knee high socks you need them to keep you warm if you are going to wear a dress or a skirt. there are so many different styles to choose from
5. Scarves Scarves are falls necklace. They are there to protect you and to add color to any outfit! they are an easy add on, and come in so many designs
6. Blazer Blazers Are amazing for fall because instead of wearing a jacket you just put on a blazer and it will add class on any outfit
7. leather jacket It adds edge to your outfit and its not heavy but still keeps you warm in does crispy autumn days
8. Big Purse definatly need to have a big purse they are stylish and are big enogh to carry all your necessities. And big enough to carry your umbrella for does fall showers
9. Umbrella In fall it rains when you least expect it always carry one to shield you from the rain.
Agreed for everything on the list! In addition to big purses (aka totes), I like having a mini crossbody for the weekends.
@cindystran I'm glad you agreed too Hun :) definitely a big purse is a must have!
@hairconfetti I love my leather jackets too they are just perfect do any occasion 💜
Leather jacket is my fall essential. I wear it for date nights. haha