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I'm going nuts for this bracelet (yes, I had to put a pun in here). This DIY bracelet is super easy and will give your fashion a trendy and edgy vibe. This DIY project comes from the very creative people at Honestly WTF.


All you need for this project is 3 pieces of cotton twine and 18 small brass hex nuts. You can find all of these at a local hardware store, and they are incredibly cheap!

Start braiding the twine

Take the 3 pieces of cotton twine and tie them together in a knot at one end. Begin braiding the twine, as shown in the pictures above.

Braid in the hex nuts

While you are braiding the twine, slip on one hex nut onto the left side of your braid. Hold the hex nut onto the braid using your left thumb with the strand folded back towards the middle (look at the pictures above if you need more help). Then slip another hex nut onto the right strand of the braid. Braid that strand as usual.

Repeat the previous steps with the rest of the hex nuts

Continue these steps until you have braided all of the hex nuts onto your bracelet. Then continue braiding the rest of the cotton twine until the bracelet is the desired length.


You now have a super cute bracelet that is unique and only cost a few dollars to make! You can even try making multiple bracelets with different colors of cotton twine.