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ok I was tagged by @glostick I'm not going to tag anyone cause I'm not good at it so if you want you can tag people in the comments
1. my name is Amanda but i go by Mandi
2. I'm from Odessa/Missouri and its ok if you don't know where that is no one does unless you lived there your whole life (which I have) or you move here
3. I'm a fangirl of course
4. I'm a VIP and army I don't know a lot of groups but these are my groups so far
5. who's your bias I'm sure you guys know by now since I used them more it gdragon and v
6. we like to party, let's not fall in love, dope, war of hormone, and not because what v does ;) lol
7. I haven't seen a kdrama yet but I will in the future
and @AimeeH can you tag people for me and the last pics of have are just because I can lol :) hope y'all like it
thank you @AimeeH
@glostick thank you I love the pics I put in here lol
don't watch Kdrama u will get sucked in and won't be able to get out just like with kpop lol
well I'm glad you like it and I'm glad it made you happy @kpopandkimchi
omg i didnt expect that sandeul gif at the end and now im so happy hahahah
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