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About Me xD

Hii Vingle Family this is just a little about me :) Oh thank you for the people who tagged me, I honestly forgot who tagged me :/ but still thank you :D
1. My name is Audra Katherine Boone
2. I'm from Atlanta, Georgia, born and raised but I used to live in Texas for about 2 years when I was little but now I'm currently in Georgia.
3. I'm a fangirl c:
4. I have tooo many >.< but my main one is ARMY (BTS)
5. I have to choose a bias!? I can't....I really can't....does it count if I say all of them?
6. Hmmmmm, I don't know honestly but the song I'm jamming to is Lion Heart by SNSD :D
7. Recently I just started watching K-dramas so the one I'm considering is my favorite is School 2013.....*sigh* Lee Jong-suk is bae <3 OMG
I'll tag 5:
Saranghaeyo xoxo~
I'll do mine later tonight! :D
watch both school 2013 and 2015. they re aweeesoomeee
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