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I was tagged by @B1A4BTS5ever @glostick and @xoxoaudra98 ! So here yah go ^^
MY NAME IS MINHO!!!! ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Ummm Hiiiii I'm Brittany, ViVi is my gamer name and my Rennie character (for a Renaissance faire XD)
I'm in OKC in Oklahoma, US But my heart is in Seoul <3
Major Fangirl here
My Main fandom is Shawol, SHINee but I'm in a lot of fandoms. VIP, Primadonna, Storia, ARMY, Igot7, 신화창초, Boice, E.L.F. (petal), EXO-L, Dalmate, Hottest, and more lol
MINHO! SHINee! Suga! BTS! Daesung! Jackson! Hongki! Kangil! Heechul! Kai! and mannnnnnyyyyyyyyy more XD
Oh umm. omo... SHINee... anything ㅋㅋ Veiw, Trigger and Married to the Music are my favorite from the 2 new albums but I love evey song ever haha BTS kinda the same, War of hormones was my first song and I loved it and still do. BigBang Sober, fantastic baby, bae bae, bangbangbang are favorites but love it all solos included. History Might just die is perfection and psycho is great. FTIsland, Anything with Hongki's voice is magic and I will melt and love it. Uniq EOEO is sooooo goood! Dalmation E.R is amazballs. So lots of songs... yeah... anyways...
Oh Gawd idk where to even start... Coffee Prince was my first and it is wonderful! Your Beautiful was my first taste of kpop and I love and Bias ever main character ㅋㅋㅋ To the Beautiful You has my UB so I love it lots, Minho was so cute and Sullie is adorbs ^^ I just watched Oh My Ghostess! It was sooooooool goooooood! Mask was an amazing drama! Kill me Heal me is great!! Flower boys next door is so freaking cute! Flower boy ramen shop fills my noona heart XD It's Okay that's love was magical Greatest Love was hilarious Healer!!!! Emergency Couple <3 Secret Garden was awesome! Heirs is perfection and so is anything with Kim Woobin <3 I'll stop here... I watch a lot of dramas.....
Sooo there ya have it! I can't pick favorites and I love SHINee ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Sooo umm more people do it if you haven't! @Kpopchicken @Emealia @ParanomalPanda @KaiteRussell @ ErinGregory (I don't own any stuffs used)
you are just so adorbs!!!!
@FabiolaGavina Making me feel loved ^^
I second that motion.
@glostick Dawwwwww Thank you XD
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