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Who Am I?

1. My real name is Syeshia but most call me Sasha or bunny.
2. I'm from a anime city called Kansas City, Mo.
3. The fangirl life chose me . * puts on sunglasses and play Korean trap music*
4. Too many to list so imma keep it short. a.r.m.y , v.i.p, YGSTAN, JYPSTAN, Shawol, exol (though I never claim the exol title. I'm a horrible fan lol) f(x) and a few new groups out there.
5. It's hard for me to have one official bias! The only and I mean only group I found a bias in (which is weird because the whole group is filled with bias wreckers. Is BTS! ! And it's this beautiful guy!
Hobie is bae and we will get married with how ever many kids he wants. (omg I need Jesus . did I just really say that?)
Fav song? ahhhhhhhh I have to many!!! At the moment in obsessed with crush,g.soul,hyuna, and LeoRavi. So all songs from them at the moment is my jam.
Drama? I will have to say KILL ME HEAL ME has won my heart over.
Well , that is about it! nothing much about me other than me being a potential kidnapper of jhope. .... lmao I'm so over myself at the moment. Hobie I love you and I will never hurt you....unless you're into that stuff ? I think kyungsoo is lmao okay Imma stop being weird now lol
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